FMT STEEL is one of the leading companies in the field of food and beverage electro mechanical installation, systems and processing technology.

FMT STEEL has a highly skilled & experienced engineering team consists of supervisors, site engineers and craftsmen who are capable of providing our clients with the highest quality service in both mechanical and
electrical projects while meeting the budget and the project’s scheduled time frame.

FMT STEEL services have expanded over the years to include the fabrication of Tanks, Platforms, Skids, C.I.P. Units, Engineering & Technical Support available as required.

FMT STEEL meet the requirements for each project by following a Quality Control Manual. During project, scheduled meetings are held to discuss the installation process, material issues, and quality concerns. Welding is done by using weld procedures and qualified welders certified by ASME Code Procedures and GSI SLV rules for all types of pipe welding per ASME.

FMT STEEL partners, Kieselmann & Alfa Laval are part of FMT STEEL success.
we are using food grade stainless steel pipes and fittings made by Kieselmann with components and equipment provided by Alfa Laval to reach the European standard & quality.

FMT STEEL have established a factory in 2011 for tanks production. Its manufacturing area extends to 4000 square meters. we manufacture St.st 316L & 304L from food grade material in accordance with the European standards.